ARTICLE 1 - Organiser of the game: Théo Pourchaire TOF1, hereinafter "the organising company", whose registered office is located at 150 avenue André Gide 06530 Cabris, is organising a game with no obligation to buy

ARTICLE 2 - Conditions of participation: Participation in the Game is open to all natural persons residing in France and abroad (hereinafter the "Participant"), excluding members of the staff of the organising company, the organisers of the Game, as well as their families (spouse and child(ren)).To participate in the Game, the Participant must register via email on a competition page.

ARTICLE 3 - Designation of winners and prizes

The Game is based on a draw mechanism, the number of prizes at stake is limited to one of the major prizes.

The prize is neither exchangeable nor refundable. It cannot be sold.

If the participant refuses or does not collect his prize, he shall be deemed to have definitively renounced his prize and may no longer claim it. The Organising Company may dispose of it freely.

The prizes are awarded as is and may not under any circumstances be exchanged for their total or partial monetary value or in any other way whatsoever. In the event that, for a reason beyond the control of the organisers, the winners are unable to benefit from their prize, the latter shall be definitively lost and shall not be reallocated. In this case, no compensation of any kind whatsoever will be due to the winners.

The prizes may not be contested in any way, nor may they be exchanged or replaced for their cash equivalent. Where applicable, the costs of implementation, commissioning, installation and use of the prizes shall be borne by the winners. Similarly, where applicable, the costs of travel, insurance, transport, etc., inherent in the enjoyment of the prizes but not expressly provided for in the prizes shall be borne by the winners. With regard to the prizes, the responsibility of the organising company is strictly limited to the delivery of the prizes effectively and validly won. The organising company shall not be held liable for any dissatisfaction of the winners regarding their winnings.

ARTICLE 4 - Cancellation & Modification
The organising company shall not be held liable if, in the event of force majeure or events beyond its control, it is forced to cancel, shorten, extend, postpone or modify this Contest. It shall not be held liable in this respect. In this case, the information relating to the cancellation or modification of the Game will be indicated directly on the website.

ARTICLE 5 - Personal data
The processing of Participants' personal data may be implemented for the following purposes: management of disputes or complaints, fraud checks and compliance with these rules and management of eliminations. The personal data is collected directly from the Participant. For the purposes of fraud control, compliance with these rules and elimination management, personal data may also be collected indirectly. The Participant then has the same rights as for data collected directly from him/her.

The data collected is kept for a period of 3 years from the end of the game, in compliance with the legal and regulatory obligations that apply. This period may be increased to allow the exercise or defence of its rights in court.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation n°2016/679 and the law known as "Informatique et libertés" of 6 January 1978 in its latest version, each participant has the right to access, rectify and delete personal data concerning him/her, the right to limit processing, the right to object to commercial canvassing, the right to data portability and the right to define directives relating to the conservation, deletion and communication of personal data after his/her death.

ARTICLE 6 - Exclusions
Participation in the Game implies a loyal attitude, meaning absolute respect for the rules and rights of the other Participants.

The Participant shall refrain from implementing or seeking to implement any participation procedure that does not strictly comply with the provisions of these Rules. The organising company reserves the right to dismiss, disqualify or invalidate the winnings of any Participant who does not fully comply with the Rules, and in particular any person who disrupts the smooth running of the Game, and to take legal action against any person who has cheated, defrauded, rigged or disrupted the running of the Game as described in these Rules, or has attempted to do so. Fraud shall result in the immediate disqualification of its author, it being specified that no compensation of any kind whatsoever may be claimed by its author from the organising company. The organising company also reserves the right, if necessary, to invalidate and/or cancel all or part of the Game, the entries to the Game or the awarding of all or part of the prizes, if it appears that malfunctions and/or fraud have occurred in any form and from any source whatsoever, in particular technical, electronic or computer-related, in the context of participation in the Game or the determination of the winner(s).